Buying Links From Link Seller Websites Will have No effect in PR, Possibly No Penalty


Buying Links For Link Seller Website Will have No effect in PRGoogle’s web spam team head, Matt Cutts has posted a short video explaining the effect of links from link seller websites. Matt Cutts already warned website owners not to sell or buy links. But there are so many companies which try to fool Google by selling and buying links in different way.

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In the video Matt cutts explains if Google know that a website sell links, it will not be able to pass value to other websites. If it links to you, your website will have no benefit and it most likely won’t hurt you.

Matt cutts said the link seller website will also see their toolbar page rank downgraded by 30, 40 or 50%. It will depend on the volume of link they are selling. These kind of website will pass no Page rank value to other website they link. And all website linked by link seller website will not have any benefit.


Here, important thing to note is that your website will see no penalty if you get a link from these website. In past few days, we have seen Google Penguin update that penalized many websites have links from spam or link sellers website. But it not necessary that Google will not penalize. So you should stop buying links from these kind of websites.

Watch the video below:


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