3 WordPress Plugins to Add Captcha to WordPress Login, Registration or Comment Forms


Using WordPress for your blog gives you better control on your website and makes it easy to manage everything. But it also makes your website vulnerable to spammers. Within few days of making your website live, you will be start seeing spam comments, spam registration and spam guest posts in your blog. So, I personally advice not to allow any person register and submit post. Similar thing for comment. You will see hundreds of spam comments daily in your blog. Another big problem is the login bruteforce. Most of the hackers use this method to crack the password of a WordPress blog. So, you should also keep your login pages secure. In my previous post, I wrote how to keep your blog secure from Brute forcing attacks and also posted few security plugins for WordPress.

I this post, I am going to write about a different approach of reducing the spam on your blog. You can try adding captcha in the different forms on your blog. Althoug, it is not very helpful in registration spam. But it will surely help you in reducing the comment spam and limit login bruteforcing. In this post, I am posting 3 nice WordPress Captcha plugins which are available for free. You can use any of these WordPress plugins to add captcha to WordPress Login, Registration or Comment Forms.

3 WordPress plugins to add Captcha in forms

1. Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA)

reCaptcha to add Captch to WordPress

Google Captcha is a free WordPress plugin which lets you implement secure captcha in the forms of yor WordPress blog. You can add captch in login, registration, password recovery and comment forms. You can also select the users for whom captcha will not be there. It also lets you select from four standard captcha themes.


2. Math Captcha

Math captcha WordPress plugin

Math Captcha is another nice WordPress plugin for adding captch in forms. It lets you integrate captcha not only default WordPress forms but also in contact form 7 and bbPress forms. It also supports multiple captcha on a single page and hide captcha to logged in users. You can also customize the captcha settings.


3. Captcha on Login

Captcha in Login WordPress Plugin

Captcha on Login is a simple plugin which adds an extra protection in the login form of your WordPress blog. By adding a captcha, it limits the Bruteforcing attach. If it detects multiple failed attempts, it also locks the IP address. If you are using any WordPress security plugin, then there is no need of using this plugin. Because security plugins already gives options to protect from login form attacks.


I personally do not use captcha because most of the people hate it. Even I also hate filling captcha. So, you should try to use some alternate way. If you want to stop registration spam, disable registration of any user from WordPress dashboard. For login, security plugins are enough. For comment, try using Disqus or akismet plugins.

Do you also use captcha in your WordPress blog? What do you do to reduce the spam of your blog? Share your views with us via comments.

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