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Check If your Email Account was Compromised in Recent Data Breaches


In past few months, hackers compromised many popular websites and leaked personal information such as email address, passwords, name and postal addresses. Adobe, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the most popular websites compromised in past few months. This is also not going to stop anytime soon.

After security breach, company notifies all affected people via email and ask to change the password. There may be a possibility that you have never received email but your account was compromised. If you are worried, you can double check via a new web application Have I been Pwned?.

Have I been Pwned? is a free online tool that lets you check whether your email address was compromised in a recent data breach or not. If your account information was compromised, it also displays the name of that data breach. It checks your email against various publicly available email dumps leaked in different hacks. At the moment, it has the email database of leaked in 7 data breaches including Adobe, Stratfor, Gawker, Pixel Federation, Yahoo, Sony, and Vodafone. It has 154,011,430 email addresses database.

Just visit the website and enter your email address. If your email was compromised in any of those data breaches, it will notify you.


Have I been Pwned?

If your email address was not found in the database, it displays that you were not pwned.

Check If your Email Account was Compromised

The website clearly mentions that nothing will be stored or logged when you search for any email address.

In this way, you can check if your email was leaked in any data leak in past. If you find your email affected by a data breach, do not forget to change your password. In case you use the same email and password combination on other websites, change those as well.

Always keep a different password for a different account. If you cannot create a strong password, you can use these password generator tools. If you find it hard to remember too many passwords, you can use any good password management software.


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