5 Hacks you can try while playing Chrome’s Dinosaur Game

Dino Game Hacks

When your system faces a connectivity issue, Google Chrome opens a small endless dinosaur runner game. This is also called the Google Dino game. The dinosaur (T-Rex) has to run, avoid obstacles and earn points. You can control the T-Rex using the keyboard. To jump, press the space button or arrow up key. Use arrow down for duck. the time, the speed of dinosaur keeps increasing and you also get complex obstacles. That’s it. This is a simple game where you need to score as high as possible. You will be surprised to learn that the game is played over 270 million times each month. If you also like to play this game, I have some tricks that you should know.

Most of the hacks rely on the Developer Console. I hope you know how to open it. Right click anywhere on the page and select Inspect.

Chrome's Dinosaur Game hack

Then, Go to Console tab.

Chrome's Dinosaur Game hack

In Console tab, you can also run codes. These codes will be used to hack the game. I will talk about hacks later in the article.

1. Access the Dinosaur Game anytime you want

Whenever your system isn’t connected to the internet, Dinosaur Game appears. But you can also manually open the game whenever you want. Even if your system is connected to the internet, you can open this game. Just type the chrome://dino in the URL bar.

Access the Dinosaur Game anytime you want

2. Bypass obstcles automatically without doing anything

The aim of this game is to avoid obsctles each time it comes on the way. If you can’t, the dianasour hits the obstcle and game is over. But you can hack the gameover function to do nothing. So, you get endless running and game won’t end even if you hit a obstcle.

In the Console, paste the following code and press enter.

var dummy = Runner.prototype.gameOver
Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){
Chrome's Dinosaur Game hack

Now Dinosaur will be able to simply go through all the obstacles. Just keep the tab open and score as much as you want.

3. Control Dianasour’s Speed

After you hit a certain score, the speed of the Dianasour (Dino) automatically increases. But you can also manually control the speed using the setSpeed() function.

In console write:


You can use any value here. If you use -1, the dinosaur will go backward.

4. Control Dianasour’s Jump

Not just speed, you can also control how high the Dianasour can jup.

In console, write:

Chrome's Dinosaur Game hack

Change the number like 10,20,25 etc to control how high it should go.

5. Set the current score to any value you want

While you are playing the game, you can set the current game score to any value you want. Just use the following code in the Console.

Runner.instance_.distanceRan = 12345 / Runner.instance_.distanceMeter.config.COEFFICIENT

You can use any value between 1 to 99999.

Now when you have learned unique Dino game hacks, go and hack the game to show off your high score. I hope this article was informative. You can explore more articles on Usethistip and learn something new today.


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