Chromnitweet lets you tweet direct from Chrome’s address bar



Google Chrome’s address bar is an important part of the browser. It can be used for multiple things along with typing the URL of a web page. Now, you can also do another cool thing. You can tweet from it using a Google Chrome extension ‘Chromnitweet’.

Chromnitweet is a browser extension. Install it in your browser and authorize it your Twitter account. Now you are done with initial setup and ready to use the address bar as a way to tweet.

Chromnitweet for Google Chrome

For tweeting, start typing ‘Tw’ into the address bar, then followed by the tweet. After you have completed your tweet, hit the “enter” to publish your tweet.


Chromnitweet for Google Chrome

This extension only helps in tweeting. You cannot use it for anything else. So, you should not think of it as a replacement of Twitter client. For seeing your tweets or tweets of people you follow, you still need to visit Twitter or any good Twitter client.

This is a good thing if you want to have a quick way of tweeting while browsing the web. So, you do not need to open Twitter to tweet.

Add Chromnitweet to Google Chrome

Try Chromnitweet and let us know your views in comments.



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