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Ocassionly we face a situation when we are trying to access a web page on the browser and it failed to load but the same page is loading properly on other devices. This phone can be due to the DNS cache issue. If you are not sure about DNS cache, it is the cache file stored locally on the device that includes the hostnames and IP addresses of the website. The problem arises when the IP address of the web page changes but your cache is still holding the older IP address in its record. In this case, it will not open the desired web page. Clearing cache helps in this.

If you have been facing the DNS cache issue on your Android phone, here are few ways to clear the DNS cache in Android.

You can easily flush the DNS cache on your Android Phone by using the browser’s setting. You can also do the same by opening the apps info page and removing ‘App cache’. For example, if you want to clear cache for Chrome, navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Chrome. Here, you see the storage. Tap on it and then tap on ‘Clear Cache’.

clear-cache Android

You can follow the same step for other mobile browsers you have installed on your mobile phone. This option clears App cache including the DNS cache. If you just want to clear DNS cache, keep on reading.

Browsers also offer individual options to clear the DNS cache. See the options below.

For Chrome

Open Google Chrome and type ‘Chrome://net-internals/#dns’ in address bar without using the single quote. See the Snapshot below.

Clear DNS cache Chrome

Tap on the clear host cache button to clear the DNS cache.

For Opera

If you are using the Opera browser, the option is same as in the Google Chrome. You only need to type ‘browser://net-internals/#dns‘ in the address bar.

Final Words

You can simply clear the app cache and it will instantly remove the DNS cache as well. If you are facing any kind of browsing issue and site failed to load in your mobile phone’s browser, you can think of clearing the cache. You can always comment below if you have anything to ask.

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