7 Best Free Clock Widgets for Android

Best clock widgets for Android

One of the most notable features of Android is the support for Widgets. The widget is a lightweight component of OS that allows you to access the data or a feature of an app without opening it. In this way, it not just saves time but also offers a better experience. Most of the Android phones or custom ROMs come with some kind of clock widget, it still misses the catch. Default clock widget lacks customization, features and it is also not as attractive as it should be. It may also alter with your wallpaper. So, you need a better alternative. In this article, we are listing best clock widgets for Android to try.

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Free clock widgets for Android

1. DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget for Android

DashClock Widget is one of the most popular clock widgets among Android users. It not just shows time, but also offers important information including weather data, number of unread emails in your Gmail inbox and alarm time. So, it is not just clock widget but weather and clock widget for android. You can reorder the data or remove if you do not want to see any of these.

It basically comes with a transparent background and you can always set the foreground or background color.

You can also set it to show upcoming calendar events saved on the default calendar app on your phone. It also shows number missed calls and unread SMS. It also allows you to open any of your apps by tapping on the current time.

This clock widget supports Android devices running Android 4.2 or higher.


2. Digital Clock Widget Xperia

Digital Clock Widget Xperia

Clock Widget Xperia is another good clock widget for Android devices. It allows you to change the time format, option to show/hide date, show battery level and alarm time.

You can either use transparent background or set the color of the background. You also have the option to change the font, font size, theme color and more. There are more options to customize the look and feel. You can also check the preview of changes in real-time before making anything live.

It also allows you to take the backup of these settings to use later if you want to make these changes in one tap.

This app is free but it also offers a premium app for getting more features.


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3. Minimalistic Clock Widget

Minimalistic Clock Widget

Minimalistic Clock Widget is also one that will attract you. It comes with 20 different good looking widgets to use. You can select any of the widgets, set it to show data, time and weather information. It only updates the data when the display is on to avoid running in the background and save your phone’s battery.

It also lets you customize the widget. You can change the text, text size, font and background things. It requires location access for fetching the local weather information.


4. BobClockD3

BobClockD3 Clock widget

BobClockD3 comes with attractive design to offer a cool looking clock widget. You can always change the colors, date format, locale, launch clock app direct from the widget, change the font and size along with time mode.

This is the opensource clock widget. If you are a developer, you also have access to source code to contribute in development.


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5. Round Clock Widget

Round Clock Widget

Round Clock Widget is another worth to mention clock widget for android. It is large in size. You get 23 different color themes and 23 cool fonts to try. It shows rounded clock widget that you might have seen in Moto phones. The second circle also has an animation to show seconds movements. You have the option to stop it as well.

You can also add alarm clock shortcuts and customize many things. The best thing about this widget is the support for multiple languages.


6. Simple Analog Clock

Simple Analog Clock

As the name suggests, it shows an Analog clock with the option to disable or enable the clock’s second hand. You get three different widget sizes to use. The configuration of this widget is also easy. It is worth to note that the second’s hand works only on Android 5.1 or higher.

You can change the clock faces from the settings to match your phone’s home screen.


7. Chronus

Chronus Clock Widget for Android

Chronus is another notable stylish clock widget to show the time, date, news, tasks, stocks and calendar data on the home screen or lock screen. It is highly customizable and works flawlessly. It has built-in RSS sources for the news feed. It also shows Gmail unread email count, missed calls and text messages.

The tasks widget supports Google tasks. It also supports Android wear and offers a basic Chronus Wear watch face for your watch.

It comes for free but there is also a pro version with lots of other features.


Final Words

These are not the only clock widgets for Android. Android has hundreds of similar clock widgets to try and you can explore more on Play Store. I tested several and found these worth to mention. In case you think there is a better clock widget that I could mention, you can leave it in the comment. I will surely add that in this list of best clock widgets for Android.

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