Collection Of Few More Smileys For Facebook


I have already posted few chat tips for Facebook. In this post, I am again with few more smileys for Facebook that are hard to find. So you can now impress your friends with these cools smileys.

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These are the codes for these similes.

‎[[329135803797520]]  plane
[[329135820464185]]  angel
[[329135840464183]]  angry
[[329135853797515]]  bad
[[329135873797513]]  beer
[[329135897130844]]  bowl
[[329135923797508]]  boy
[[329135930464174]]  brb
[[329135960464171]]  cake
[[329135987130835]]  camera
[[329136013797499]]  car
[[329136037130830]]  cat
[[329136063797494]]  cigarette
[[329136083797492]]  clock
[[329136127130821]]  coffee
[[329136157130818]]  coins
[[329136210464146]]  computer
[[329136230464144]]  confused
[[329136240464143]]  console
[[329136250464142]]  crying
[[329136277130806]]  devil
[[329136300464137]]  dog
[[329136323797468]]  don’t know
[[329136337130800]]  drink
[[329136357130798]]  embarrassed
[[329136390464128]]  eyeroll
[[329136413797459]]  film
[[329136433797457]]  fingers crossed
[[329136443797456]]  foot in mouth
[[329136463797454]]  girl
[[329136487130785]]  glasses cool
[[329136510464116]]  glasses nerdy
[[329136533797447]]  good
[[329136563797444]]  handcuffs
[[329136593797441]]  highfive
[[329136610464106]]  hug left
[[329136627130771]]  hug right
[[329136633797437]]  island
[[329136640464103]]  kiss
[[329136647130769]]  lamp


Just copy these codes and past in the Facebook chat box.

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Written by Deepanker

Deepanker Verma is the founder of Techlomedia. He is a tech blogger, developer and gadget freak.

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