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MS Paint is a really a nice and useful tool of Windows operating system. I am the fan of this tool and have been using this since my childhood. In the latest Windows version, there are so many thing which have been improved. Now this tool is more than a painting tool and less than a photo editing software.

To work faster on MS paint, some keyboard shortcuts have been defined by the Microsoft. By using these keyboard shortcuts, we can work faster and smarter on MS Paint. I know some shortcuts are same as they are in other Microsoft Softwares. But there are some that you may find new and unique.

List of Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + A Select entire canvas
Ctrl + C Copy selected area
Ctrl + X Cut selected area
Ctrl + V Paste clipboard data
Ctrl + Z Undo last action
Ctrl + Y Redo action
Ctrl + E Shows image properties
Ctrl + G Toggles grid lines
Ctrl + P Print the picture
Ctrl + R Show or hide the ruler
Ctrl + W Open the Resize and Skew dialog box
Ctrl + N Create a new picture
Ctrl + O Open a picture
Ctrl + S Save changes to a picture
Ctrl + Page Up Zoom in
Ctrl + Page Down Zoom out
Ctrl + B Bold selected text
Ctrl + I Make selected text italics
Ctrl + U Underline selected text
Ctrl + Num Pad + Scale up and tool or shape
Ctrl + Num Pad – Scale down tool or shape
Alt-F Opens the File menu
Alt-H Shows key help/ Switch to Home tab
Alt-V Switch to View tab
Alt-F4 Close the window
Alt-Esc Minimizes MS Paint interface
Alt-Spacebar Equivalent to right-clicking on the title bar
F1 Open Paint Help
F11 View a picture in full screen mode
F12 Save the picture as a new file
F10 Displays key tips like the Alt key
Right Arrow Move the selection or active shape right by one pixel
Left Arrow Move the selection or active shape left by one pixel
Down Arrow Move the selection or active shape down by one pixel
Up Arrow Move the selection or active shape up by one pixel
Esc Cancel a selection
Delete Delete a selection
Print Screen Well, We all know what it does

I have tried to cover all the paint shortcuts available. If you know something which I have missed in this, comment below and share with us.

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