Create Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos


GIF animations are really popular these days. GIF animations are small in size and easy to share. So it has an extra advantage over videos. As more and more people are using GIF images on social media websites, GIF tools are also appearing with same rate. Now we have Giphy, a GIF search engine to search and share GIF images online. With this tool, we can also share GIF images on Facebook. We can search desired GIF on Giphy. But what if you are watching a video on YouTube and want to share it as GIF image. Don’t worry, There is a nice and easy to use Google Chrome for it.

Create Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos to GIF Converter

MakeGIF Video Capture is a nice chrome extension that lets users easily convert a YouTube video into animation. All you need to do it, visit YouTube and play the video. Then click on capture and then generate and it will show download link.

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Install MakeGIF Video Capture on Google Chrome and you will see a blue icon (hat) at the menu bar. Now go to YouTube (or Vimeo) and watch any video. Click on the icon added by the extension and it will prompt you to switch to HTML 5 video player. Click on Ok to switch and it will switch to a full screen HTML5 video. Click on “start” to record the GIF and stop when you want to stop the recording.


Then it will show the recorded GIF with few tools. You can play to check the recording. Delete if you do not like it. Once you are satisfied with recording, you can click on “Generate GIF” button.

In few seconds, it will generate the GIF and give you the download link with a share button.

We recorded few GIF clips and the tool was working fine. Try once and share your experience with us.



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