Create GIFs From Videos And Add Text With Imgur GIF Creator

GIFs are now an important part of our life. Websites use GIFs to show some kind of awkward expressions. Users post GIFs on social media websites. This is why, I posted various tools to create GIF animations from videos or images. Imgur has also launched a new tool which lets users create GIF animated images from any video URL. This tool also lets you add text in GIfs. If the GIF is large, it will automatically convert it to GIFV format and upload to Imgur server for sharing.

Just visit Imgur GIF creator and paste the video link in the text box. Once it finishes fetching video, it will show you a video timeline below. Here, you can select start and end of GIF.

Once you have selected the start and end, you can now edit the text which you want to display in the GIF. Once you are done, click on create Gif button.


It takes some time to generate GIF but output gif has high quality.

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While working with few YouTube videos, I found that it failed to convert various videos. But converted many successfully. I could’t find why few videos were not converted to GIF.

Visit Video to GIF maker my Imgur

Try and share your views with us via comments.

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