How to Disable Siri on Mac


Now we have Apple’s personal digital assistant for MacOS. But few users do not wish to keep it and search for way to disable it. Siri is now available for Mac and you can use it in a similar way. But you can completely turn off the Siri. For this, you just need to go to Siri settings and disable it.

In this post, I am adding the steps to disable Siri on Mac.

How to Turn Off Siri on Mac

These are the ways to disable the Siri on Mac.

Step 1: Click on Apple menu and choose “System Preferences”
Step 2: Select “Siri” from “System Preferences” menu.

Disable Siri from Mac
Step 3: Uncheck the select box before option “Enable Siri”.

Disable Siri from Mac
Step 4: Close System Preferences dialog

After this, Siri icon will be removed from the menu bar icon and dock icon will also be removed. In case of new Macbook, the Touch Bar icon will also be removed.

To enable it back again, you need to follow the same steps and select the check box that you unchecked to disable the Siri.

Final Words

If you are iPhone user, you already know how important Siri is for performing various tasks on your phone. You can ask it to perform various things on your phone. So, we do not recommend you to disable the Siri and enjoy its features. But it is the personal choice if you do not want to keep Siri in MacOS.

I hope this article was useful. If you still have anything to ask, you can comment below.

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