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How to Disable Update Check and Notification for Specific Plugin


WordPress has a built-in feature to notify you when the update of a specific theme or plugin available by showing you a notification in the dashboard. But, there may be few cases when you do not want to see the update notification for a specific theme or plugin.

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I recommend you to always update your WordPress theme and Plugins to keep your blog safe. Most of these updates offer regular security updates along with new features.

A few months back, I did some custom modification in a plugin as per my own requirements. So, I do not want to update this plugin to get new features as I already did modifications as per my need. There may be similar kind of cases when you do not want to update a plugin.


TO disable the update check for a specific plugin, we will restrict the http request for plugins that we do not want to update. So, try this code and paste it in the functions.php file of your WordPress theme.

The above code disables the updates check for Akismet and Contact Form 7 plugins. You can modify this code to add paths of more plugins that you want to restrict for update check.



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