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DoFollow and NoFollow Links, You Need To Know About These


DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks
If you are a blogger or web master, I am sure you must care about the page rank, mozRank and alexa rank of your website. All these consider back links as an important factor to measure the website. Alexa only measures website’s traffic to rank websites, but also shows backlink counts. MozRank and Pagerank counts the backlinks a website has. The more number of backlink a website has, the better page rank it will be rewarded. Although, Google has now stopped updating the page rank. But internally, it is an important factor. So, you must know about link building.

There is one important thing you must know that not all backlinks are same. There are two kind of backlinks and we must know the difference between them. Backlinks are of two types:

  1. DoFollow Links
  2. Now Follow links

After Google Penguin update, links are one of the most sensitive factor which can ruin your website or rank your website at the top of the search results. So, you should know about backlinks.

1. DoFollow Links

DoFollow links are the ones which are considered while counting for pagerank or mozrank. Links which are attached with dofollow attribute are considered by the Google Search Engine and helps you to gain better ranking for your site.

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>WebTips</a>


If nothing is mentioned, Google will mark it as dofollow backlink. If you have dofollow link from a reputed website, it will also pass some reputation to your website.

Note: But dofollow links can also ruin your website. Google also considers other factors and if it suspects a website selling do follow links, it will slap that website and makes it rank lower.

NoFollow Links

Links with nofollow attribute are called NoFollow Links. These types of links are ignored by the Google Search Engine. It is mostly used for the guest links on your site, such as links in the comments.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>WebTips</a>

If you are linking to some website, always add nofollow attribute. External and internal links must always be marked as nofollow.

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