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Download all Your Instagram Photos with Instaport

Do you use Instagram? It is a nice mobile app that lets you edit and share photos with your followers. Cool photo effects make this app worth to use. Instagram now also has web profile where you can login with your Instagram account and see the photos. But there is no option to download photos. If you want to download photos shared via your Instagram account, you can use various third party apps and tools. Instaport is one of those online tools that let you download all your Instagram photos. This tool is helpful if you want to take the backup of your Instagram account. There could be various reasons for downloading your own photos or taking the backup of your Instagram account.

Download all Your Instagram Photos with Instaport

Just visit Instaport and login with your Instagram account. Once logged in, it asks you to choose export options. Here you can either select to download all photos, or filter photos based on various filters. Select what suits you.

Download all your Instagram Photos with Instaport

After selecting the option, click on “Start Export” button. In few minutes of processing, it will collect all your photos and give you the download link at the right side of the section of the page. Time taken by the tool depends on the number of photos you are going to export.

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One thing to note that it provides to Download links. One is “Donate & Download” and other is “Download Only.” If you want to donate, you can use the first link. If you are not interested in donating, you can use the link “Download Only” to download all your photos.

Instaport Download

Instaport is a nice tool. I downloaded my photos and quality of photos was good. If you are a Instagram user, you must try this tool once. If you are thinking to delete your Instagram account, you should take backup of all your photos before deleting your Instagram account. You may use these images later on other social networking websites.

Try Instaport

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