Download Torrent Files Directly To Your DropBox Account


Torrent is the popular way of downloading stuffs from the Internet. We all use some torrent client and then start downloading files from Internet. There are some web based clients are also available that allow us download torrent files. But in schools, colleges and office, torrents clients are blocked but those places have high speed Internet. If torrent clients are blocked then we can not use that high speed Internet to download our favorite files from the web.

Download Torrents Files to your DropBox Account Without Any Torrent Client

For this kind of situation, I know a nice web based torrent client called BoxoPus. BoxoPus works in different way. It download file from torrent and then upload it directly to your Dropbox account. It does not have any limit and offers unlimited traffic.

How to Use Boxopus

Boxopus is very simple and work fast. Just visit Boxopus and register for a new account. You can use your Facebook, Twitter or Dropbox account to login on Boxopus.

Then you well see a big text box with browser button. Now pick a torrent file from your system and click on “Put IN My DropBox” button.


Download Torrents Files to your DropBox Account Without Any Torrent Client

Then it will show you the detail of the torrent with a big “Start Download” Button. Click on the button to start download.

You also need to authorize the app to access your dropbox account to put the file in it. After that it will start downloading the file and it will directly saved in the DropBox account inside a folder Boxopus.

This app is really helpful for those who want to download movies from the high speed Internet in office or schools.

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