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How To Download Videos or Movies From Hotstar


Hotstar is a popular app to watch TV shows, movies, cricket matches and more. Due to good quality content, the service has grown fast with millions of active users. It is available both on the web and mobile apps as well. You can use it to watch video content online. On the mobile app, you also have an option to save videos to watch it later just like YouTube offline, but you have nothing like this on the web. Few people even wish to have a way to download the videos from Hotstar. Even if there is no official option for this, you can still download Hotstar videos and movies. In this article, I will tell you how to download videos from Hotstar.

Download videos and movies only if you have slow connection and streaming, again and again, is costly. Do not download these videos to share on any file sharing website. This is illegal. Hotstar is doe personal consumption. If you try to sell the video or upload it online, you will surely find yourself in legal trouble.

At UseThisTip, we offer useful guides but we do not encourage any wrong behavior. If you use these ways for anything wrong, we at UseThisTip will not take any responsibility.

Download Videos or Movies From Hotstar

Download Hotstar videos on Android within the app

As I already said. Hotstar allows you to download videos but this feature is restricted to limited videos only. You cannot download any movie, video or TV show to watch it offline.


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If you use Hotstar app, you will get the download link below the video to keep it offline.

Download Hotstar videos on Android

This video will be saved in the Hotstar app itself. When you are offline, you can watch these videos.

Download on Android phone

If you want to save videos on your mobile device instead of Hotstar app, you can use a third party app called Videoder. This app is not available on Play Store. You can download this app from Videoder website.

Download Videos or Movies From Hotstar

After downloading the app, select the Hotstart icon. It will open the whole Hotstart app within the Videoder. Search for the video you want to download and click on download button. It will open the web page to download the selected video.

This is an easy way to download Hotstar videos and movies. You also have the option to download videos from Instagram, Facebook and more services.

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Download Hotstar videos on PC

If you are using Hotstar on the web, this method can be used. There is an online service that allows you to download videos from video streaming websites including YouTube. It also supports Hotstar.

Visit telechargerunevideo website on your browser.

Download Hotstar videos on PC

Now copy the link of a video and paste it in the given text box. Click on Get download links button and it will fetch the content for you. The good thing is that it gives you link to download the content of any quality. You can even download just audio.

This is really an easy way to download videos and movies from Hotstar. You do not need to download any software for this.

Final Words

As we have already made it clear, this guide is just for educational purpose. If you are downloading content from YouTube, download just for personal use. Sharing it with others and uploading it online will surely hurt you and you will find yourself in legal troubles.

If you have anything to ask, you can always leave comments.


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