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We have already talked about various ways for making money online via blog. Putting ads is one of those ways. Most of the people use Adsense but it is hard to get approval at initial level. So, Adsense altrnate are the best options in this case. Chitika is one of the best option to use as Adsense alternate or with Adsense for making more money from your blog. For those who don’t have adsense account, it can be a good adsense alernate. It is one of the best CPC program out there. If you have a website and unable to get Google adsense account, chitika can perform well. You can use also use other adnetworks with chitika ads. Chitka also works good with adsense.

Chitika Google Adsense alternate

Chitika Ads Overview

Chitika is a contextual adnetwork which means it displays ads relevant to the content of your website. So there is more probability of getting clicks and hence more earning. Getting started with Chitika ads is easy and you will be approved even if you have very less traffic. If you are using WordPress, you can also use Chitika WordPress plugin to integrate Chitika ads on your blog.

Chitika offers various ad-types. SO, you can select which suits the ad space available on your website. It also offers mobile only ads which you can display only for users who access your website from mobile devices.

Chitika ad format

It also offers customization option. So, you can decide the color of link, text and background to match the theme of your blog.

Apart from contextual advertising, it also offers other kind of advertising including in-text ads, hover ads and highlight ads. You can find these ad types from Ad -> Settings.

Chitika ads

So, you can try Chitika ads if you want to have another option to earn money other than Adsense. I never recommend using too many ads on website. So, you can try replacing one of the less performing Adsense ad unit with Chitika ad unit to see the performance of Chitika.


There is nothing wrong about the Chitika’s payment. It always pays in time. It has low and easy to reach payout that is $10 and pays via paypal monthly. Like Google Adsense, Chitika is also known for its timely payments.

I am using only one ad unit of Chitika ad and it is performing well for me. Although, it is not as good as Adsense. But it is a reliable and trusted adnetwork.


  • Low eligibility criteria for traffic.
  • Only $10 minimum payout
  • Different ad options.


  • Less CPC in comparison to AdSense.
Overall Chitika is a decent adnetwork. It is up to you how to decide to use this. I have seen people earning hundreds of Dollars per month with Chitika. I am using it on my tech blog techlomedia.in and am happy with its performance.

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