Easy Adsense Injection WordPress Plugin to Add Adsense Ads in WordPress


Google Adsense is the most used monetization ad network. Blogger and website owners use Google Adsense to earn a good income. To get better income from Adsense, we need to optimize Google adsense according to our blog’s design. Adsense ad placement is also an important factor that plays important role in earning. Sometimes, placing Adsense Ads in WordPress can be difficult that it seems.

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Why We need Adsense Plugins in WordPress

We can easily customize Adsense ads from Google Adsense dashboard while creating the ad unit. But placing the ad unit on the website might be painful. Some WordPress themes comes with easy adsense integration. These themes have inbuilt places for Adsense ads. But what about other themes? We can only use Widgets to add adsense ads on sidebar and footer. If we want to add adsense inside post body or any other place, we should know proper PHP or use some plugin. There are few nice Adsense WordPress plugins available that allows users to add adsense code in webpage. But most of the plugins have some definite places. It can only inject ad codes in those places. So we are bound to this condition

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Easy Adsense Injection

To make this work easier, I am releasing a WordPress plugin called Easy Adsense Injection. This plugin allows users to inject Google Adsense code any where in the code and any where in the theme. It has built-in support for shortcodes and functions to show ads inside post and themes.

How to Use this Plugin

After installation of plugin, it adds a settings page in WordPress. You can access the page from Settings ->Easy Adsense Injection.

Here you will find a clean interface with big text boxes. Ad your adsense codes in the boxes. You can add up to 5. If you need more, you can contact me.

Easy Adsense Injection Adsense WordPress

Every code has a specific short code or PHP function. For example ad code in box 1 will have shortcode [easy_ad_inject_1] and PHP function put_wp_ad_1(); .

You can use this short code or this PHP function to show the Ad code of box 1. Use the shortcode in the post and function in the theme. You can place it anywhere you want. You are not bound to any condition or places with this Adsense WordPress plugin

Download Here

This is the first version of the plugin. I will try to update this Adsense WordPress plugin to add more features.

In case of any kind of problem, report to me.


Written by Deepanker

Deepanker Verma is the founder of Techlomedia. He is a tech blogger, developer and gadget freak.


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  1. I just downloaded and added your plugin to my site. I added the adsense codes but all that shows up is a yellow block. Am I missing something?

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