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How to enable two-step verification in WhatsApp


WhatsApp has finally enabled the two-step verification for all the users across the globe. So, you can now set a verification pass code to add an additional layer of security to your WhatsApp account. This passcode will be required each time you try to register your phone number on WhatsApp again. This will be the case when you are changing the phone.

Enable two-step verification in WhatsApp

Enabling two-step verification in WhatsApp is easy. Follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Go to Setting and then select Account.

Step 2: Here, tap on Two-step verification.


Step 3: Here, enter the six digit passcode. This passcode will be asked when you try to register on WhatsApp again.

Enable two-step verification in WhatsApp

Step 4: It also asks you to enter the email address. This step is optional but I recommend you to enter the email WhatsApp will send you a link to reset passcode on this link.

Step 5: You have successfully enabled the two-step verification in WhatsApp.

You can also watch this video to see how to enable the two-step verification in WhatsApp.

Final Words

This is simple but there seems a problem. A number that is no longer active generally reassigned to a new subscriber. What if the previous user had the WhatsApp account on the same number and added the two-step verification. The new subscriber will not be able to register on WhatsApp with the same number. I hope WhatsApp has something for this issue.

I recommend you to use this two-step verification to keep your account more secure.


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