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Find Vulnerabilities in WordPress blogs with WPScanner


WebSecurify, popular web security suit has added a new tool for security testing of WordPress based websites. This new tool is called as WPScanner. It is a browser based tool. This tool aims to help users in finding vulnerabilities in theme or plugins of a WordPress based website. If you use WordPress, I recommend using this.

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WPScanner requires you to install a browser plugin. When you open the link, it will automatically detect your browser and then ask to install the browser extension. Once installed, refresh the WPScanner link again and it will show your websecurify page. Here, you will see a big text field. Just enter the URL of the website here.

Enter the URL and start scan. It asks you to confirm because using an automatic scanner may cause ill effects in your hosting.


After running the scanner, it will start scanning your WordPress website and showing results in realtime.

WPScanner from WebSecurify


Once the scan is finished, you can review all the vulnerabilities it listed. Good thing is that it also confirms the Severity. So, you can easily know whether you should take instant action or avoid. It also lists the impact of the vulnerability to let you know why a vulnerability is potentially dangerous for your website.

At the end of the scan, you can also export the report to HTML, JSON, XML or CSV formats.



This tool is free and does not require any kind of registration. Just install the browser extension and start scan.

I recommend this tool to all WordPress users. We know that hackers always try to find vulnerabilities and then hack website. So, don’t wait till you are hack. Check and fix now.

If you do not understand the results and do not know how to deal with security vulnerabilities, you can contact me for the WordPress security services. If you want something from big security firm, you can go for Sucuri security services.


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