Fix Broken Images with jQuery Broken Image Fixer

Fix borken image jQuery


If you usually add images from third-party websites via direct links, you may face the broken image problems. Suppose that website removed the image. Now, it will show broken image on your website. Broken images look dirty and also affect the look and feel of your website. It is also not good for the user experience of your website. So, there should be a solution for this. You can use jQuery to fix broken images and show a message container in place of broken image.

Process is simple. You need to find all image elements on the page and check if the image is valid. If the image is invalid, you can replace that image with a default placeholder image.

See the jQuery code below:

jQuery Broken Image Fixer
See this snapshot. In place of broken image, it is showing broken image container. You can use the above code in your website. Just put the above code in the footer of your website.

You can change the broken image container image in the code above. Use any image which you want to show in place of broken image.




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