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Format text in Hangouts with these Keyboard shortcuts

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Do you use Google’s Hangouts? If yes, I have something good for you. I am not sure if you already know not. Previously, Google’s GTalk and Gmail chat had option to format the text to make it bold, italic and underline. Now, those trick do not work. But Hangouts still lets you format the text. See the snapshot below.

Format text in Hangouts with these Keyboard shortcuts
See the above chat snapshot. If you want to format text like shown in the chat. Use the keyboard shortcut given in below table. Select the text and use the keyboard shortcut.
Action Windows  Mac…….
Bold Ctrl + b ⌘ + b
Italics Ctrl + i ⌘ + i
Underline Ctrl + u ⌘ + u

For Android users, Google’s Hangouts is an important messaging service. Although we use WhatsApp more than Hangouts, we still use Hangouts to talk to those people with whom we do not want to share our phone numbers. And Hangouts is more popular for its video calling service.

I hope, you understand how to use these keyboard shortcuts to format text in Google Hangouts. If you have any issue, you can comment below.

Try these keyboard shortcuts and share your views with us via comments.




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