How to get Always on Display on Any Android smartphone

Always on Display on Any Phone

Always On Display comes in Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, LG G5 and LG G6 devices. Moto Display is also similar kind of feature available on Motorola devices. Always On feature keeps the display on to show the information about the current time, date, battery, weather, and notifications. So, you do not need to unlock the phone just for these things.

Many people want to have an Always-On display but changing the device just for this feature is not a good option. But, there is an app that allows you to enjoy Always on Display on any Android phone. This app is Glance Plus.


Glance Plus will add Always On Display on your Android phone without affecting the battery life. This app is free to download but shows ads and offers in-app purchase. Glace Plus requires the app permission to modify system settings. So, you need to enable that. Then you can open the Glance Plus app to turn on the always on On Display.

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You can also set what content this always on display should show and you are free to choose the location for that. You also have the option to set Appearance. You choose font size and brightness under the Other settings header.

By default, Glance Plus will come on when your screen is turned off. It will fade away after 2 minutes. But you have the option to customize this as well. Just explore the options available on the screen.

To see notifications with Glance Plus, you need to toggle the switch next to the “Show notification” option. From here, it will take you to the window where you are required to enable the permission for “Glance Plus”.

It is worth to note that try this app only if your phone has AMOLED screen. If your phone has LCD display, this app will consume much more battery life. AMOLED technology only lits white pixels and hence consumes less battery the if display is dark.

Final Words

This is a nice app for those who have a phone with AMOLED display, but the phone lacks Always-on Display feature. If you are one with that kind of phone, you should try this app. If your phone has LCD display, stay away otherwise keep a big powerbank with you always.

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