Get Definition of Selected Word on Web pages with Google Dictionary for Chrome


While reading articles on blogs and other websites, sometimes you get few difficult words. To get meaning, either you can use Google or other dictionary tool. But there is a Google Chrome extension which can give you meaning of any word on the page just by selecting it.  It saves time and effort both. This Google Chrome extension is called Google Dictionary.Install Google Dictionary extension in your browser and you will see a book icon in omni bar. Now open any web page. To get the meaning of any word, double click on it. Alternatively, you can select a word and click on the Dictionary icon in omni bar to view complete definition of a word of phrase

Google Dictionary for Chrome

To manage other option of the extension, right click on the dictionary icon and then click on Options. Here, you can select your default language and add a keyboard shortcut to display dictionary pop-up.

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If you are on a foreign language website, the selected word will be automatically translated to your default language.


If you are trying to improve your vocabulary knowledge, this extension is really helpful. It will help you in improving your word knowledge. I am sure it will be useful for those who are trying to learn English.

Use this extension and share what you think about it.


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