How To Get Verified On Twitter

Get Verified On Twitter

Twitter is a popular social networking website where you can share your views in 140 character tweets. In past few months, there had been lots of changes and now you can also share short videos, photos, and GIF. Twitter is a fun but it can also ruin your public image if you are popular and a fake profile of yours started creating a mess around the Internet. To avoid such situations, Twitter has an option for verified profiles. Verified profiles have a blue check mark badge next to the name. It shows that the profile is authentic and not fake.

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Not all people can have verified account but people who have good followers or who are public figures can have a verified one. If you are verified, it gives you credibility. This matters on social media.

If you think your profile should be verified but you are not sure how to get one, you are at the right place. In this article, I am writing easy steps to get a verified Twitter account. If you follow the steps correctly, you profile will be verified to get a blue tick.

Steps to get a verified profile on Twitter

Before you start with steps, you need to do few things. These are:

1. Verify your phone number and email address. If you have your work email address, use that one
2. Enter your bio that tells you who you are. Write your biggest job title to look your profile impression. Don’t forget to tag profile accounts that you are associated with.
3. Enter your profile photo showing you clearly. The photo should also show your profession and passion. You must also add a relevant header photo.
4. Enter your Birthday and website
5. Your Tweets should be public. If not, change it from privacy settings.

After completing these 5 things, you can now ask Twitter to review your profile and verify it.

Step 1: Go to verification request form. To access this page, you need to be logged into the same Twitter account you want to verify.

Step 2: Confirm the username shown in the text box and click on next. If you are a company of corporation, check the box at the bottom left side. Leave it if you are verifying your personal profile.

How To Get Verified On Twitter

Step 3: It also asks you to write why your account should be verified and you get 500 characters limit to explain this.

Twitter Verification Process

Step 4: Click on next and submit this form.

Now you are done with requesting the verification of your Twitter account. One of the members from Twitter verification team will review your profile, links you gave as proof and see your reason for verification. If they find your profile good enough to get verification, you will receive the email in next 7-8 days. They will also send you email even if your request was not accepted.

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Final Words

If you are not someone who has an influence on the Internet, have good following or mentions on several other websites, verified profile is not for you. Not everyone can have a verified profile. So, do not waste your time because Twitter is very strict and does not show any mercy. If you are someone who is popular enough to get verification, you will easily get.

If you have anything to ask about Twitter verification, you can leave a comment below.


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