Gmail Now Searches Inside Attachment Documents


Gmail is the most popular free email service after Hotmail and comes with many features powered by Google research. Now it has added one more important feature in the list. Gmail search is now more powerful and can search inside the attached documents in the mail. It supports PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files.

Before this update, Gmail was only able to search HTML attachments and lacked many features. But things are different now. When you search for something in Gmail, you will also get results with attachments files matching the search query.

Gmail Now Searches Inside Attachment Documets

“The good news is that Gmail has finally added support for searching inside attachments. I’ve just tested this feature for .pdf files, .doc documents, .ppt presentations and it works, even though some old attachments may not be indexed yet,” Gmail Team announced.
If you want to search something into attachments, then you need to search with a special search operator, has:attachment. To restrict your search to PDF files, search for has:attachment filename:pdf.
This new special feature will surely help you when you are finding something.




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