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If you are a blogger or a web developer, you have already heard about Google Adsense. It is the best ad network in terms of earning and relevancy of ads. When I started blogging, It was just a way of writing articles on the Internet. Later I came to know about Adsense and blog monetization.  Then, I searched a lot to know more about Google Adsense and how to start using it. Google Adsense is the second biggest source of my online earnings after affiliate marketing. I am writing this guide to put everything about Adsense. I will tell you more about Google Adsense and how to apply.

Note: Google has recently changed the way it approves blogs. Now it asks users to put ads code and then wait for a few days to check the quality of traffic. It takes around 3-5 days for the final approval of Google Adsense account.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the contextual advertising network.  It is also the most trusted advertising program among webmasters and publishers. It provides a way of earning money from your website by serving Google ads. Ads served by Google Adsense are related to the content of the webpage so the probability of the click on ads is high and thus earning is also good. Adsense mainly serves CPC (COST PER CLICK) ads on the website but sometimes it also works as a CPM network. It means you will be paid for the click on the ads and impression on the ads both depend on the ad showing on the page. There is no fixed rate for clicks and impressions on the ads. This depends on the ad shown on the page. Details about AdSense are given below.

Supported Language for publisher website:

Adsense program doesn’t approve all website owners as a publisher. There is a set of rules that should be followed by the website. You can serve Google ads only on the website in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Croatian, Korean, Czech, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Finnish, Russian, Slovak, Greek, Swedish, Hebrew, Turkish and Hungarian. For more info about language support click here.

Ad Formats

Adsense offers various ad-units sizes. There are a few standard ad-unit sizes that are recommended but you can use other options too. It depends on the ad space available on your website. Now Google Adsense also offers responsive an-units. If you have a responsive design, you can use responsive ad units on your website.

How much will I earn?

Google pays per click and the earning will depend on the cost per click (CPC). CPC depends on the ad type, geo-location, time, advertiser, users interest and so many other things. The primary things that affect the earnings is your blog’s popularity and the topics you cover. Advertisers compete against each other and bid to put ads for a specific keyword on different websites. This resulted in a public auction of advertising space. The more competitive a space is, the higher CPC will be.

Revenue generation will be dependent on a number of factors.

  1. The price paid by the advertiser for each click
  2. The number of people who click on the ads
  3. The number of pages viewed per day
  4. The topic of your content

The more traffic you will get, the more probability of clicking on ads and hence more earning. So, try to focus on increasing traffic on your website to earn better. I have also written how to increase the CPC of Google Adsense for better earnings.


Google pays monthly if you cross the payment threshold. For getting a Google Adsense payment, your earnings must cross the $100 mark each month. If you have not crossed the threshold amount, your earnings will be on hold for the next month.

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Minimum requirements for Adsense:

If you have a website with good content and traffic, your website will be approved. But having a top-level domain increases the chance of approval. For a few countries, Google also considers website age as criteria.

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How to create a Google Adsense account

Steps to create an Adsense account:

Adsense has changed the account approval process. So, I am updating this guide based on the new process. The new process has the following steps:

  • Sign up for Adsense
  • Add Adsense ads to your blog
  • Your account will be reviewed for a few days and the approved or rejected

The whole process takes approx a week or more. But it helps Google to know the quality of the publisher before approving the account. I also recommend you to read the Google Adsense policies before moving further.

If you think that you are ready to apply for Google Adsense, go to the Sign Up page and apply with your existing Google Account.

Google Adsense Sign up

Sign up form is simple and Google asks for details about your website and information about you. Here, one important thing to note is that the Payee name should be the same as which you have in your bank account. Google will send a cheque or EFT payment under the name you put here. Although Adsense allows changing payee names, but not for all countries. India and a few other countries are not allowed to change the payee name after signing up. So fill this out carefully.

Once your AdSense application is submitted, you need to add Adsense ads code to your blog. Adsense team will review your application and then you will receive mail if your application is rejected.

AdSense Pin:

Once your account is activated and you have earned $20, Google will send you Adsense Pin. It will reach you in 1-2 months depending on your location. Once you receive the PIN, you will have to enter this pin in your Adsense account along with the TAX information.

Without putting the Adsense Pin, you will not receive the Adsense Payment.


  1. Be sure to read the terms and conditions because Google is very strict.
  2. Do not click on ads by yourself because Google has a better fraud detection mechanism.
  3. Once disabled by Google, you will never get a Google Adsense account.

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