Google Hangouts Hidden Animated Emojis

Google Hangouts is a nice instant messaging service by Google. It offers text messaging and video calls both. Google is trying its best to offer better service to attract more users. To make it more popular, Google has also shutdown its GTalk service and asked users to migrate to this new Hangouts. I personally use this service and like the video call quality of the service. I also wrote a Google Hangouts Guide explaining all its features.
To make your text conversation better, it also supports Emoji. There are so many to use, Last year in December 2014, Google confirmed the addition of few Hidden emojis. But it didn’t reveal the emoji codes of those hidden emoji in public. In this post, I am going to write about those hidden emoji codes. You can try these and use in Hangouts.

Google Hangouts Hidden Animated Emojis

1. Laughing Emoji

Putting ‘hahahaha’ in your hangouts chat will show you the first hidden emoji. This can also be achieved by typing ‘hehehehe’, ‘LMAO’, ‘ROFL’ in chat. There is no case sensitivity for these EMoji codes.
hahahaha hidden emoji hangouts

2. Happy Birthday

Write Happy Birthday and see how it flashes a birthday cake. There is not a single cake emoji. You will see different-different emoji with cakes by using this code.
Happy Birthday Emoji Hangouts

3. Cheering Emoji

Like the laughing EMoji, there are also few cheering emoji codes. These codes are “Woohoo” or “Woot” or “Yay!!”. Use without quotes.
Cheering EMoji

4. Ponies

Ponies is another hidden Hangouts Emoji. You need to write ‘/ponies’ and you will see something like below
You can also see many ponies by writing ‘/ponystream’ in chat without quotes.

5. /pitchforks

Try this to see the cues the angry pitchfork mob

6. /bikeshed

This will change the background of your chatbox. See the color pink in my chatbox.

7. /shydino

This will show a small shy dinosaur.

8. New Year’s wishes: “Happy New Year”

Just write ‘happy New year’ to see this emoji.
These are the hidden Emojis you can try in Google Hangouts. If any of these is messing with your chat, close the chatbox and reopen it again.


Deepanker Verma is the founder of Techlomedia. He is a tech blogger, developer and gadget freak.

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