Google’s Software Removal Tool Removes Software which cause problems with Chrome


Google is the most popular web browser for desktop and smartphones. I personally like this and use this for my daily web browsing. With available Chrome extensions, we can improve the functionality of Chrome and hence our productivity. But adware and malicious extensions become the nightmare if installed in Chrome. Most of the notorious adware are very hard to remove and you need a geeky skill to get rid of it. I have seen my friends facing this issue.

Most of the times this issue happens if you download any software from less secure places. But this is just a myth now. I have seen many software from Cnet likes websites coming with different adware. So, you must see all the steps while downloading the software. Clicking next button blindly while downloading the software will install adware in your system.
Whatever may be the reason, if your Google Chrome starts showing issues and you see too many ads popping up while browsing the web, you should think about possible solutions. You can check for all recently installed software and browser extensions. Of course, Geeky skills help.

Fix Google Chrome issues with Google’s Software Removal Tool

What if you are not geek and face problem with Chrome. In this case, you may think of switching to other browser. So, Google took this seriously and launched a “Software removal tool” for Windows. This tool scans and remove software which may cause problems with Google Chrome. It is very small (4.4 MB) in size and will take few seconds in downloading.

After downloading, run the tool. It will scan your system and then show the result.

This is not a malware scanner tool. So, do not download it if you are searching for antivirus. This tool only scans and removes software program which try to interrupt Google Chrome or install malicious extensions in Google Chrome.


Previously, users needed to reset the browser for resolving the issue. But it also removes the bookmarks and other browser data. So, this new tool is the better way of resolving the issue..

Download Software Removal tool


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