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Recently it was reported that the Facebook is keeping a log of your calls and text messages for years. It was the clear case of abusing Android API and accessing data without users’s consent. Even if Facebook claims that it is doing this for better recommendation of friends, it has created a privacy issue across the globe.

Facebook confirmed that the feature is opt-in and there is a way to turn off the logging. If you are also one of those who do not want Facebook to keep a log of your calls and SMS data, you can turn it off. You can read details of call and text logging issue if you are not sure what Facebook is actually doing behind your back.

If you want to know what data Facebook gathered from your account, you can download your Facebook data archive from Facebook settings page.

The wrong thing here is that Facebook asks for contact permission but it is also accessing all, SMS and MMS message metadata. If you granted permission to read contact during Facebook installation on Android before Android Jelly Bean, the app has been accessing your contacts, calls and text data. So you need to worry even if you do not use Messenger or never made it default messaging app on your Android phone.

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If you are not sure what to do, you need to keep reading this article. In this article, I will tell you the steps to stop contact, text and call log import to Facebook.

Check what contacts Facebook Uploaded

Before you turn off contact upload, you should check what contacts it had already uploaded. If you want to check what Contacts Facebook uploaded from your mobile phone, you can click on this link.

It will show you all the contacts name and their phone numbers or email addresses.

Facebook users this data and then suggest you these people on its recommendation section. In this way, it wants you to add more people you know outside of the Facebook as well.

Here, you can click on Delete All button at the top to delete all the contacts Facebook uploaded from the phone. Alternatively, you can click on this link and remove all the imported contacts.

Stop Facebook from logging of calls and text messages

Now you can stop Facebook from uploading your contacts, call history and text data. Facebook says that stopping contact sync will stop the calls and text logging as well.

Turn off Sync on Messenger

Open the Messenger app on your Android phone and tap on your avatar located at upper right corner.

turn off contact sync messenger

Scroll down and tap People. Here Tap Sync contacts to toggle syncing off.

Turn off Contacts upload on Facebook for Android

Tap on three horizontal line icon at the top right side. Scroll down and find App Settings. Tap on it. Tap Continuous Contacts Upload to turn this setting on or off.

turn off contact sync Facebook

Turn off Contacts upload, Call And Text History Upload on Facebook Lite

Tap three horizontal line icon and then Tap Settings. Tap Contacts Uploading to turn this setting on or off. Tap Call And Text History Uploading to turn this setting on or off.

turn off contact sync facebook lite

Now you know how to disable contact uploads on Facebook, Facebook Lite and Messenger.

After doing this, Facebook will stop accessing your contacts, call and text metadata. You should also not forget to remove the already uploaded contacts.

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Final Words

Facebook says that following these steps will stop it from logging your call, text and contact data. The way Facebook wants our data is suspicious. It has already granted patent for checking the facial expression of people using the front camera to see how they react to a post even if they are not liking or commenting on it. I also wrote an article of why you should cover your webcam when not in use. This is another thing you need to start doing t keep your data safe and stop websites from spying you.

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