Hide or Restore All Tabs with Single Click in Chrome


Panic Button is a Chrome extension that lets users hide all open tabs in Chrome with a click and then restore all tabs later anytime. You can also set keyboard shortcut to open or restore all tabs. After hiding all tabs, it opens the blank page. You can set one or more pages to open after hiding tabs.

Hide and Restore All Tabs with Single Click in Chrome
Install Panic Button Extension in your Chrome browser and it will add a panic button icon in the omni bar. Clicking on this icon will hide all open browsers. Default icon is red. After hiding all tabs, this icon becomes green and also display the count of all hidden tabs. If you do not want to restore all hidden tabs, delete the “temporary Panic” folder in Chrome’s “Other bookmarks”-folder.
Before hiding tabs
After hiding tabs
To restore all tabs, click on this icon again. and it will restore all your hidden tabs
You can also set the custom keyboard shortcut to hide or open all tabs quickly. For this, right click on the icon and then select options. In this options page, you can set keyboard shortcut.
Panic Button chrome
You can also add password protection to restore tabs. This will let you protect your hidden tabs. When you will try to open hidden tabs, it will prompt for the password.
Panic Button
You can also set the new tab page after hiding all icons. For this, set a safe page. This safe page will open after hiding all tabs. You can set one or more pages.
Try this extension in office where you do not want others to see what pages you were surfing. You can quickly switch all pages.

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