Encode Text In Image with “Text To Color” Encryption Tool

Text To Color encryption

Have you ever tried to send secure messages? There are so many ways to send your secret messages. In this post, we will see a nice tool called “Text to Color” for sending messages hidden inside images. This tool converts text messages into images to protect your confidential information. If you belong to the computer science field, you know that the process is a kind of steganography. The only difference is that in steganography, the text is embedded inside a selected image. But this tool converts the text into a BMP image.

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Text to Color is a portable tool. Download it and run on your system. It has a simple interface with a big text area and few buttons below it. In the text area, either you can manually type a text or upload text from a text file by using the load text button.

Hide Text In Image with Text To Color Encryption Tool

Add text in the text area by typing or loading from the text file. Once you are done, click on the Encode text button. And you will see an image at the bottom side. This is the encoded text in the image form.

Hide Text In Image with Text To Color Encryption Tool

To save this image, click on the Save image button. And your text is now saved in encoded form.

To read the text encoded in the image, click on the Load Image button and browser the saved PNG image of encoded text. And then click on Decode image. It will ask you the location to write the original text in a text file. Enter the file name and then click on save. Original text will be written in the text file.

Hide Text In Image with Text To Color Encryption Tool

I tried this tool many times with different text and it works fine. It works exactly what it claims. The tool works on all available versions of Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you are looking for a tool to protect your data, you can give this tool a try. You can also use this tool to save data in a secure manner in your system too. And nobody can guess why you have these kinds of images in your system.  

Download Text to Color

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