How to Hide WhatsApp Status Updates from Few People


Facebook copied the story feature from Snapchat and added it to all the services it owns. WhatsApp also has the same feature but the company calls it Status. This feature allows users share text, photos, videos and animated GIFs updates with contacts. The status will be there for next 24 hours. After 24 hours, it will disappear automatically. Initially when WhatsApp replaced its text status feature with Story status, people didn’t like it. Later, they became used to it. Now millions of people use WhatsApp status actively. People share important incidents of their daily as a Status on WhatsApp. You an also try using WhatsApp Status and see how people react to it.

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The good thing with WhatsApp status is that you can also share a link as Status. Clicking on it will open the web page. So, bloggers and Internet marketers can use it to get traffic to the blog. I personally share some of the interesting blog updates as WhatsApp Status and see good response. You can use URL shortener to short links and track the link clicks. I will talk about WhatsApp marketing in another article.

It is important to know that WhatsApp Stays is only visible to people who are in your contact list and who also have you in their contact list. So, it is musth to have each other’s phone numbers saved in your address book. So, your contact is available only to people you know.  While this feature is nice, but you may not feel comfortable in sharing your status with everyone. Even if a person is in your contact list, you may not want to share a status with specific contacts. For this, WhatsApp has given privacy options for WhatsApp status. So, you can control its availability.

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In this article, I will show you how to hide WhatsApp status updates from specific people. you can either hide with specific people or just show it to specific people. If you are not sure how to do it, keep reading.

Hide WhatsApp Status Updates from Specific People

Here are steps to hide WhatsApp status updates from few specific people. Keep reading and you will understand how to control the privacy of your WhatsApp status updates.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and go to stats tab where you see status updates of your contacts. You can also swipe from right to left or click on Status tab.

Step 2: Here, tap on three dots at the top right corner and select the “Status Privacy”. It will open the Status privacy panel.

WhatsApp privacy

Step 3: On the next screen, select the “My contacts except”. If you want to hide your WhatsApp status with few people in your contact list. Tapping on it will open a new panel with your contact list.

Step 4: Here, you will have an option to select the contacts whom you do not want to see your status updates. Select all and click on Green tick mark button at the bottom right side of the screen.

WhatsApp privacy

Step 5: Now your status updates will available to all of your contacts except the people who selected in the previous step.

If you just want to share the Status with selected people, Go to step 3 and select “Only share with“. Here, select the people with whom you want to share. After doing this, your Status will be shared only with selected contacts.

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The whole process is simple and easy. You just need few taps and you can control the people who can see your WhatsApp status updates. By default, your WhatsApp privacy is set to My contacts. But other person also need to have your number in the contact to see your WhatsApp status. So, default setting also keep your status updates to known people. But you can still get more control over it. So, you can easily control the privacy of your WhatsApp Status. While WhatsApp Status updates automatically disappear after 24 hours, you can also manually delete it if you do not want to be it live. I have talked about this in a separate article. You have plenty of options for the privacy of your status updates.

Final Words

Now you know how to hide WhatsApp status from specific people or show status just to specific people. If you are worried for your privacy, you need to follow the given steps. WhatsApp status is popular and millions of people actively use it. But privacy is the thing that we should not ignore. I always recommend people to take care of privacy. You may not know how cyber criminals can use your data against you.

WhatsApp status update is a nice option for users to share their life incidents with friends. Even if this feature began with Snapchat, it is more popular on Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook also tried it with Messenger but people couldn’t find it interesting on Messenger. So, the company has now added an option to cross post Instagram stories on Facebook Messenger. After cross posing option, your Instagram stories will also be shown on Facebook. So, you do not need to post stories multiple times on multiple platforms

I hope you find this article interesting and learned how to hide WhatsApp status from selected people. You also learned how to show WhatsApp status to specific people. you can use any of the given thing depending on your usage and priority.

If you have anything to ask, you can always leave a comment. I will surely reply as soon as possible. I also request you not to ask about WhatsApp snooping or hacking. I do not reply to those kinds of emails or comments.

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