How to Add Infinite Scroll to WordPress blog

Infinite scroll WordPress


You may have seen few blogs that has infinite scrolling. As you scroll down the page, older posts load automatically. There are many themes that comes with infinite scroll support. If you like this kind of system where users need not to click on page links to see other pages, you can add infinite scroll in your theme. If you think that you need to change the theme for this, you are wrong. Adding infinite scroll to any WordPress theme does not take more than 1 minute in any case.

There is a nice WordPress plugin called Infinite Scroll plugin. You only need to install it and activate. It will automatically add infinite scroll to your WordPress theme. It works fine on more than 90% WordPress themes available. But few custom themes does not support this plugin because of different structure. On those 10% themes, you need to adjust selectors. To adjust selectors, go to the plugin settings page.

Read how to install plugin in WordPress from dashboard.

After installation, this plugin pre-fills the standard selectors  So all themes that are built on these standard selectors support this plugin. But themes that do not use these standard selectors, you can change the selectors.


How to Add Infinite Scrolling to WordPress blog

If you know CSS well, you will easily customize the settings for your theme. You can also loading image, loading text, the end text from the general options page of the theme settings.

This plugin only work on Blog’s home page. It will not work on category pages and tag archive pages.

If the plugin is not working on your theme and you can edit the theme code, you can read this nice article on tutsplus that shows how you can edit theme code to add infinite scroll on your theme.

If you are using Jetpack, you have another option to add infinite scroll. Read this detailed article to know hot to add infinite scroll in WordPress theme with Jetpack.


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