How to Find Which Plugin is Slowing Down Your WordPress Blog


Speed of blog is really important as it is now considered as ranking factor by Google. There are so many factors that affect the speed of WordPress. Some factors are cheap web hosting, buggy themes, heavy images and heavy plugins. We all must try to make our blog fast as much as we can. If the issue is our web hosting, we should consider switching to popular and reliable web hosts. You can try Bluehost, Hostgator or GoDaddy. If you are using a free or nulled theme, it may be affecting speed of your blog. Try to buy some nice and speedy themes from themeforest. For images, I already wrote about optimizing image with smush.it in last post. We can also use CDN services to speed up our blog.

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But what about plugins? Plugins are important part of our blog that helps us in improving the functions of blog. There are so many plugins available and we use all those plugins which we think will be useful. There are some common plugins which are used by most of the bloggers. But there is one thing which makes the difference. This is “Selection of Plugin.” Not every plugin installed in your blog is useful. Suppose we are thinking to add a plugin for SEO, we should select the best SEO plugin which loads fast and do efficient work. Some people have habit of trying all plugins. It is good, but we should deactivated those plugins which are not in use. If the blog is loading slow, your plugins may be an important factor impacting the website’s speed.


How to Find Which Plugin is Slowing down Your WordPress Blog

Its time to check which plugin is slowing down your blog. Try a nice plugin called P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler). It analyzes your wordpress blog and give detail report on performance of plugiins.

Install P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) Plugin in your WordPress. Read how to install plugin in WordPress from dashboard. And go to plugin page. Here start a new scan with auto scan and wait till plugin finish scanning.

Plugin Scan with P3

After few minutes (Depending upon the number of plugins you have installed in your WordPress)

This is the test result I found when I ran the test.

How to Find Which Plugin is Slowing down Your WordPress Blog


Now see what plugin is taking maximum time. If the plugin is necessary for you, try to find the lighter alternative. If not try to see other plugins taking time. Remove all unnecessary plugins.

It also show other kind of breakdown and timeline graph. It will help you to better understand what and how a plugin is affecting the speed of your website.

Try it in your own blog and share your experience with us.


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