How Guest Posts Can Increase Traffic To Your Blog

How Guest Posts Can Increase Your Blog Traffic

Only having a blog and writing posts are not enough. You must always try to get readers for that. If you are the beginner in blogging, you must have a good quality content in your blog. But getting visitors is really hard in beginning of blogging. You will not get the organic search at this time and your blog is not popular enough to get direct visits. So how can you get visitors and make some daily readers? Promotion of the blog is the only way. You can use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Pinterest for getting some traffic. Writing guest posts is also one of those promotional ways. If you think you can write good quality posts, you can think about writing good quality posts for other popular blogs for backlinks.

Writing guest posts helps but guest blogging on some popular blog can help you most. If you are still confused about guest posts or guest blogging, you should keep on reading to know what is guest blogging and how it can help you in increasing the traffic of your blog.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a  nice way to improve traffic to your blog. Now just traffic, guest blogging helps in improving your blog’s visibility. Guest blogging offers various benefits. These are those benefits which you get if you do guest blogging.

Free high-quality back-links

Most of the blog offer dofollow backlink for writing a guest post. If you write a blog post in some high authority blogs, you will surely get a backlink. Even if the blog does not offer dofollow backlink, you will, at least, get the backlink from high authority blog. This backlink will help you in increasing PageRank and Mozrank. Google will start giving your blog more priority on SERP.

Free traffic

You will write posts on popular high authority blogs which are popular. These popular blogs get thousands of daily traffic. If your post is good enough to attract most of those visitors, you are most probability getting good traffic. Few of those people reading your guest post will click on the link to see your blog. I still get traffic from my guest posts which I wrote around 3 years back. So, you will get referral traffic for many days or months.

Free targeted readers

If your post is good, some of the readers of that high authority blog will surely visit your blog and subscribe. Many of these people will surely become your regular readers. So, you will get targeted readers by writing a guest post only. Loyal and returning readers are the primary sign of success in blogging.

How to Start Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is not an easy thing. There are many things which must be considered before start guest blogging. Selection of blog to write the guest post is the most important thing. Then you will have to think about some great piece of content to write on that blog.

First of all, find a good famous blog of the same topic as your blog have. This blog must have the good amount of traffic, good PageRank and good domain authority. Alexa less than 100k and Domain authority more than 25 are recommended. As PageRank update is almost dead for us, we cannot rely on this. Then, write a nice guest post of good quality content which will be the best fit for that target blog and then submit it for the guest post. If the blog owner likes the post written by you, he will surely consider putting your post on his blog.

This post will be visited by thousands of targeted visitors of that website for which you are writing posts. Some hundreds of visitors will surely get back to your website. And having a link back from that website will help in your blog’s page rank.

Keep on writing some good articles for that blog. I am sure will get some daily readers for your blog. And this will also help your website to get some reputation.

Writing a guest post is the best and fast way to make your website valuable and get some good readers.

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