How to Split a Single WordPress Post Into Multiple Pages


Nowadays, click baiting websites are in trend. This kind of websites publishes eye-catching article heading and multi-page content. You will see paging or slide kind of things. The actual thing which you want to see will be on the last few slides. In this way, the website gets more page views and more chance to show ads. This kind of things can be helpful for entertainment websites and photo blogs. If you also want to create thing kind of website, there are few CMS with this kind of feature. If you are using WordPress, you can either search for a theme with this kind of feature or add this feature in your existing theme.

Split a Single WordPress Post into Multiple Pages

In WordPress, you can easily add this feature by editing theme. You can split a WordPress post By adding a tag. You only need to use <!––nextpage––> tag at the place where you want to change page.

Note: make sure that you are using the Text view in your post editor when you are adding this tag.

Split a Single WordPress Post in Multiple Pages

You can add as many nextpage tags as you want. Every <!–nextpage–> will split the post to start content in next page.

It will be shown like this.

Post pagination WordPress

Compatibility issue

This way works fine but it has an issue. This trick works only in well-coded themes which have built-in support for this tag. The pagination will automatically show up at the place. But many themes do not support this tag. In this kind of themes, you need to add the support manually.

No, do not think more. You only need to add single line code in your WordPress theme.

If your theme does not support pagination with this tag, you need to edit single.php and add the following code on this.

<?php wp_link_pages(); ?>

Add the above code inside the loop in the single.php file in your WordPress theme.

You can also style the page links by using additional parameters in the wp_link_pages() function. You can read the following article to see how to style page links while spitting a single post into multiple pages. If you are not a developer to customize this, you can contact me for help. Comment below and I will reply with the possible solution.

Benefits to Splitting Posts

It is a personal choice whether you want to split your single post. It has many benefits.

  • It improves the look and feel of your site if you publish long articles.
  • Page views will increase and hence better earning
  • Helps in decreasing the bounce rate

Disadvantage to Splitting Posts

Splitting post only comes with one issue which is realted with SEO. So, you will also have to look into this. All your pages will got same title and meta description. So, you will see duplicate title issue in Google search console. If you are a developer, this is not a big issue. But if you are not a developer, you will have to contact someone to fix duplicate title issue.

You can watch this video to learn how to do SEO for pagination.

It may also annoy readers. So, use it only when it is needed. I recommend the use of post splitting only if page is longer than 2000 words.

In case, you are facing any problem in adding paging in a post; you can ask me via comments below.

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