How to Access Google Cache Page of a Website Quickly on Google Chrome


Google Cache is the nice service of Google Search engine in which it saves a cached copy of all web pages. We can see these cache copies of the web pages when the website is down or not available at our workplaces. Earlier, Google used to show a cache link just after each search results. We could access the cache page by clicking on the link. Now Google has removed the cache link from search result pages. Most of the people think that Google has removed the feature. But this is not true.

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The feature is still there but in a different way. In the search page, page when we hover on the search result, it shows a right arrow at the right side of the search result. Clicking on this arrow shows the cached copy of the page and link to see the cache page.

Google has also integrated it with Google Chrome. In case you want to access the cache page of a website, you can do it quickly on Google Chrome. Just write cache: and press enter. that means put the cache: just before the URL in the address bar and see the cache page.


If you want to see the cache page of, you can write this on Google Chrome’s URL box.


And see what chrome shows

Cache Page

This is the quickest way to access the cache page of any web address.

You can use this to access the cache page of any URL stored on Google’s servers.


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