How To Add Startup Password in Google Chrome


Are you worried about the stored password in your browser? If you have a habit of storing passwords in browser, there is a possibility that someone having access to your system can misuse your online accounts by that saved password.

If you want to protect your stored passwords, you can simply add a startup password. This will prevent unauthorized access to your web browser. In this way, your password will be secured.

Google Chrome does not come with this feature, but you can add startup password with a nice extension, “Simple Startup Password.” After installation and configuration, this extension will ask for the password when someone tries to run the browser. If he fails to enter right password, he will not be able to access Google Chrome.

To install this link, open your Google Chrome browser and visit Chrome store to install “Simple Startup Password” extension. After installation, Go to the settings and then extension tab. Here Find “Simple Startup Password” and click on the option just below it. Now it will open the new tab and ask for the password.  Enter the password which you want to set as startup password. If everything goes fine, the browser will restart and it will ask for the password to access your browser.


Add “Simple Startup Password” to Google Chrome

[Update]: It seems that the latest version of Google Chrome has some issues with this extension where it does not work properly.

Let us know about your experience with this nice extension. If you know this kind of tricks, you can share with us.