How to add ‘Take a break’ Reminder on YouTube and Limit Watching Too Many Videos


YouTube has just added a new cool feature to control your YouTube addition. If you think you waste too much time on YouTube, you can limit your usage with a native feature. The company has adde a “Take a break” reminder to remind you the time you watched videos and take a break. You can decide the time interval for getting the reminders. If you think you need an external reminders for keeping your usage limited, you can try this feature.

You will not technically limit your access, but just show the reminder. You can always dismiss the reminder if you want to keep watching videos. Google says, “Great technology should improve life, not distract from it.” This is the reason, they want people to know when they gave been distracted from their life.

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If you are interested in trying this feature,  Here are the steps to add reminder on YouTube.


Open YouTube app and tap on the profile icon at top. Now, select Settings and tap on General.

youtube reminders

Here, you will see “Remind me to take a break” option at the top. Select the time interval for the reminders. After this, start watching videos. When you use YouTube app continuously for the selected time period you selected for reminder, you will see a reminder for taking a break.

YouTube reminder

In reminder, you also get an option to Dismiss the reminder. If you tap on that, you can continue watching videos until you receive next reminder.

Final Word

Now you know how to set reminders on YouTube to keep its usage limited. This is really a good feature and helpful. If you think you are too addicted to social media, you need to start using the same. It is also really good initiative from a company whose business depends on the usage of users. But Google is still trying people to get a life and focus on that in place keep using smartphone all the time.

I really want Facebook and Instagram to add the similar option because these are the apps that have started seeing the growth in video views. There should be something to limit this addiction.


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