How to appear offline on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Offline Status

Facebook Messenger is a separate app on mobile platforms but it is a part of Facebook’s website on the web. When you are actively using Messenger, other people can see the online status in the form of the green dot next to your profile photo on apps and Facebook chat. Apps also have a dedicated section to see all active people. But what If you do not want other people to know that you are active on Messenger? Well, you can disable the active status to appear offline.

Your online status lets people know that you are available to chat. So, they can ping you to initiate conversation. If you are not in the mood of talking to other people, or you just don’t want anyone to disturb you until you initiate the conversation, you can disable the active status.

In this article, I will explain how you can disable the active status to appear offline on Messenger. So, keep reading this guide.

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Disable Active Status on Messenger

On the web

While using Facebook, you can see the available friends at the left sidebar. At the bottom side of the sidebar, you see a gear icon. Click on it. From the menu, select Turn off Active Status option.

appear offline on Facebook Messenger

It will open a new box to select from different options. You can either turn off active status completely for all the contacts or only for selected contacts. Choose the option appropriately.

appear offline on Facebook Messenger

After this, click on the Okay button to save your preferences.

If you have also installed the Messenger app on your phone, you also need to disable the active status on the app as well.

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Messenger for Android

Open the Messenger app and tap on your profile photo located at the top left corner of the screen. Now, look fo the Active Status option. Click on it and then disable the checkbox to disable the active status. It will also ask for confirmation. Click on Turn off to confirm your preference.

appear offline on Messenger

This will make you offline on Messenger for all of your contacts.

Messenger for iOS

Open the Messenger app on your iPhone or iPad. Here, tap on your profile photo at the top left corner of the app. Here you see the Active Status option. Click on it. On the next screen, turn off the option. It will again ask you to confirm if you really want to turn off the active status. Confirm here to start appearing offline on Messenger.

appear offline on Messenger

Now you will not be shown active to any of your contact.

Wrap Up

After disabling your online status, you will be shown offline to all your contacts. Your name will appear in the active contacts list. Now you will not be disturbed by any of your contacts. Now can keep talking to anyone you want.

I hope this guide was useful and informative. We have several such guides to keep tech simple for you and make your life easier. You should explore more articles using the menu options and search.

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