How to Automatically Play YouTube Videos in HD



We all love watching videos and movies on YouTube. But the real fun is watching videos in HD. By default, YouTube plays videos in normal mode. NOrmal mode smartly selects YouTube video quality depending on your Internet speed. If you want videos to be played automatically on HD mode, you can do this on Google Chrome web browser. “Auto HD For YouTube” is a Google Chrome extension that automatically plays YouTube videos in HD.To use this extension, Install Auto HD For YouTube from Chrome App store. After installing this extension, it will open a donation page. You can donate if you want to help the developer. Now you will also see a red/black icon in omnibar. Click on this icon to set change the video playback setting. You can enable auto HD and change video quality. In addition you can specify if you want the player widened.


How to Automatically Play YouTube Videos in HD

Now open YouTube and play video. You will see that video will pe played in its best quality. Now you do not need to change video quality each time you are watching a video on YouTube.

Add Auto HD for YouTube on Google Chrome


This Chrome extension is fine, but I do not see it much helpful. If your Internet is slow and you will use this Chrome extension to force HD playback, your video will stick at buffering phase. It is helpful only if you always watch videos in HD and ready to wait for the buffering.

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