How to Bring Google Search Side Bar Back


If you could remember that Google used to have a side bar at the left side of the search results. This side bar had few filters to narrow the search results. But it was removed few months back in a update. 

Now Google has moved search tools at the top. But we had been using the side bar for many years and it will take some time to understand how this new layout works. Most of the people still do not know that they can access those side bar tools from the top side. See the snapshot below:

Google Search tools

But, if you think that older layout with side bar was better than this, you can bring the side bar back with the help of a Javascript trick.

This trick works on all the web browsers that use JavaScript code to modify their layouts. You can bring older Google layout with side bar search tools back with the help of a user script called Google Search Tools Back. Visit the script page and click on big green install button.

If you are using Google Chrome, it will not directly install third party scripts and will download a js file on the system. Now you need to install in manually. Go to Setting and then extension. Drag and Drop this script on the extensions page and install the script on the chrome.

If you are using FireFox, you can install the script by using Greasemonkey browser extension.

After installation of this script, you will see the side bar again on the Google Search page.

How to Bring Google Search Side Bar Back

To get back the new Google Search look, uninstall this script from the browser.

Let us know your views about this userscript. Do you have any problem in implementing this script? Ask us on UseThisTip Community.

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