How to change screenshot keyboard shortcuts on macOS

Change screenshot keyboard shortcut

Apple’s macOS offers the easiest way to capture the screenshot. You have different keyboard shortcuts to capture screenshots. Here are Screenshot keyboard shortcuts on macOS.

  • Command+Shift+3: Captures entire screen
  • Command+shift+4: Let’s you select the area to capture
  • Command+shift+5: Let’s you select the area to capture screenshot or screen recording

One can easily learn these shortcuts and use them whenever there is a need to capture the screenshot. But what if you want to change the screenshot keyboard shortcuts? I am not sure why, but there could be different reasons to assign these tasks to different key combinations. If you want to change the screenshot keyboard shortcut on macOS but not sure how to do, keep reading. In this article, I will tell you how you can change keyboard shortcuts for capturing Screenshot on macOS.

Change screenshot keyboard shortcuts macOS

Open the System Preferences app and go to the Keyboard.

In the Keyboard section, go to the Shortcuts tab.

Change screenshot keyboard shortcut macOS

In the Shortcuts tab, select the Screenshots on the left pane. It will show you various screenshot keyboard shortcuts on the right pane.

Change screenshot keyboard shortcut macOS

Double click on the keyboard shortcut to edit it. When the keyboard shortcut is editable, press the keyboard shortcut you want to choose in place of the current keyboard shortcut.

Before selecting a new keyboard shortcut for Screenshots, make sure new Shortcuts do not conflict with anything else. The macOS will not tell you are if your new select conflicts with the shortcut of another app.

You can go back anytime to use the default keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the ‘Restore Defaults’ button.

Wrap Up

I don’t recommend changing the screenshot keyboard shortcuts. It is better if you learn the default shortcuts and become a pro macOS user. Still, you need to learn how to change keyboard shortcuts or anything else to customize macOS in your own way. You can change keyboard shortcuts and see how it works. You can always go back to default keyboard shortcuts by using the default button.

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