How to Check If a Website is Secretly Mining Cryptocurrency



With increasing prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, everyone wants to own cryptocurrencies. There are two ways to own it. Either you buy or mine. People having websites with good traffic have now started using the second option with web miner. Web miner allows them to run a code on their visitor’s computer. If you visit any such website, you will see sudden rise in CPU usage

We already wrote how to block a website from mining cryptocurrency on your browser. Today, I will tell you how to know if a website is secretly using minor to mine cryptocurrency on your system.

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Who is mining is a nice web application that checks if a website is mining cryptocurrency without telling you and abusing your system’s CPU power. There is no need to install any plugin for this. Just visit the website, enter the URL of the website that you want to check and see the results.


Check If a Website is Secretly Mining Cryptocurrency

Along with showing results for the searched website, it also shows the name of last searched websites that were found mining cryptocurrencies.

There is nothing more to talk about this tool. It just offers one single thing i.e. check if a website is mining. But the service is priceless.

It is wrong if a website is secretly mining cryptocurrencies on your browser. If you visit any such website, you will see a sudden rise in CPU usage and your CPU usage will remain 100% until you close that tab. The website uses you to earn money without telling you. It will also affect your system’s performance.

BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies are not becoming popular. So, you must also know about these things. I also see cryptocurrencies are the currency of future.

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