How to check if your Facebook data was sold in Cambridge Analytica scandal


Facebook caught itself in a big trouble after it was reported how Cambridge Analytica harvested data of over 87 million users and sold it to third party. The data was even used in 2016 U.S. presidential election.

After that, Facebook is working hard to rebuild its reputation and trying hard to convince users that it really care for your privacy and security. As per reports, over 97 million users were affected and majority of people belong to United States. The company has also confirmed that they are now notifying all affected users that their data was accessed and sold to third-party.

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If you have not received any such notification from Facebook, still want to know whether you were affected, there is something you can do to check. Facebook has made a direct link to check if your data was accessed by Cambridge Analytica. That link will instantly tell you if you or any of your friends logged into “This Is Your Digital Life” app that was used to gain access to users data on Facebook.

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Luckily, my profile is safe.

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If you are unlucky and find that your data was accessed, you cannot do anything. But you can start caring for your privacy and take care in future. You should avoid using any nonsense Facebook app. Even if your are using, you need to check what data it wants to access.

You should also Click on this link to check what apps and websites have access to your profile. Clicking on individual icon will show you what data the app or website accessed. You can also revoke access to any specific data or revoke app from accessing your profile completely.

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If you find any app you no longer use, you should remove it to keep your data safe.

Most of the peopleYou will surely see some surprising name here. The data these apps have already accessed cannot not be taken back. But you can do a fresh start to avoid any such issue in future.

Facebook is also trying to cleanup the operations and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing congressional hearings. But you cannot trust on Facebook for your privacy. There are tools to keep your data private. You just need to learn how to use those.

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