How to check who unfollowed me on Instagram?

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When there is a new follower on Instagram, the app shows a notification. But, it does not do the same when you lose a follower. So, you will never know when someone unfollows you on Instagram until you check your follower list and miss someone. This way is fine only if you have 20-40 followers. But you cannot remember all followers when the list is large.

There are few unofficial ways to know who unfollowed you. You have good third-party services that keep track of your followers and notifies you when you lose a follower.

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Tracking unfollower is a nice way to learn why you lost the follower and fix if this problem can cost you more unfollowers. You can also track this to unfollow those persons who only followed you to get follow back and then quietly decides to unfollow you.

There could be different reasons to check who unfollowed on Instagram. In this article, I will tell you few services to check unfollowers. So, you will get the answer of your query “who unfollowed me on Instagram”.

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Ways to check who unfollowed me on Instagram?

There are lots of apps that claim the similar kind of service but most of those are not working properly. Well, I do not want to put the name of any. After searching and trying lots of apps, finally, I found an app that has a clear section to show new followers and lost followers. So, you can easily find who followed you and who stopped following you.

Apps to see who unfollowed on Instagram

Follower Insight for Instagram is the app for Android that works fine. They also have their iOS version but I didn’t try that. Unfollowers for Instagram is also a good app for iOS users to see who unfollowed you.

Unfollowgram is also a good website to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram. It shows username, profile picture and date when someone had unfollowed you. Unfollowgram also shows the similar thing for Twitter users. So, you can use it for Instagram and Twitter both and find out who unfollowed you on what date.

After seeing who unfollowed you, you can think of unfollowing them.

Instagram does not want this kind of insights, so it has too many restrictions on the API. So, most of the web apps have stopped working. But the apps are still able to access the data properly and show you the list of unfollowers.

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How do these apps work?

These apps usually fetch your followers list daily and save it. Daily, they compare the follower list from the list they saved last day. People who were on the the previous list but are not in the current list are those who unfollowed you. People who were not on the previous list but are on the new list are those who followed you.

This how these apps work to tell you who unfollowed you on Instagram. If you are into Instagram marketing, I hope this post gave you a solution.

Final Words

You want to know who unfollowed you, but you must also take care of privacy. All these apps either ask to get access to your account or ask for the password. In both cases, you are actually giving your account to third-party apps that can misuse your account. So, always take decisions wisely. I recommend you to focus on quality content on Instagram for better reach. You will automatically start getting followers. People who followed you just to get follow back are not the relevant followers and you must avoid those kinds of followers. It is better to have less number of engaging followers than a high number of dead followers.

We also have lots of posts on Instagram. If you want to master Instagram, you can read our posts and learn everything you want to learn. In case you didn’t find anything, you can suggest us and we will surely write an interesting article for you.

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