How To Check Your Internet Connection Speed


When we go for a new Internet connection, sales person of the ISP (Internet Service Provider) shows us so many plans with different speed. According to our need, we select the plan and purchase the service. But we should not blindly trust on ISP for the connection speed. We must test the Internet Speed they are providing to us. It is must step if you are not satisfied with the speed and think that the speed you are getting is less than the speed mentioned in the plan.At the time of purchasing a broadband or wireless connection, we must clearly ask for the Download speed and Upload speed. Download Speed is always much greater than the upload speed mentioned in the plan. If a plan says 2 Mbps, it means the download speed is 2 Mbps.

Download Speed:

Download Speed is the rate of data transfer from Some websites to your computer. Ex: Loading a web page on the browser.

Upload speed


Upload speed is the rate of data transfer from your computer to some websites. Ex: uploading images or videos on some website.

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Here we must understand that 2 Mbps is the average speed. It means sometimes we may get less than it or sometimes greater than it. Overall average will be around 2 Mbps. The actual download speed you will achieve is dependent on a number of factors. So you are not going to get the speed mentioned in the plan. But it must only be slightly less than the speed of our plan.

To check the speed of your Internet connection, you can use following free services

All these are free tools which show the download and upload speed of your internet connection.

These are the nice services which will give you an approx idea about the Internet speed. If you see a big margin in the speed mentioned in your plan and speed shown by these tools, you can complain to the ISP.

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