How to Check Your MacBook’s Battery Health

MacBook Battery Health

Rechargeable battery in any gadget has a limited lifespan and degrade over time. The same thing happens with the battery of the MacBook. When the battery of MacBook stops offering proper battery backup, you can get it replaced. But before you go and replace the battery of your MacBook, you should check its health first.

The battery is rated with a charge capacity and there are charge cycles manufacturers claim for a healthy battery. A Charge cycle is actually the one full charge and discharge of the battery. Apple claims that Batteries of MacBooks are rated for 1000 cycles. After cycles cross this number, chances of battery fail increases. But battery won’t suddenly fail after it crosses the limit. It just starts holding less charge. With the time, its capacity will degrade and in few months or years, you will have to keep your Mac connected all the time when the battery stops holding a considerable charge.

There’s a Quick check if you don’t want to spend much time. Click the battery icon in your status bar. It will show the battery condition that should be one of these: Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now, or Service Battery. If it is Normal or Replace Soon, you can keep using the same battery until it starts showing Replace Now.

If you want more detailed information, You can check the charge cycles of your MacBook’s battery. Here are the steps.

Click on Apple icon at the top left corner and then select “About This Mac” option.

MacBook’s Battery Health

.It will open a dialogue box where you need to click on the ‘System Report’ button.

It will open a detailed system report Window that will be something like the screenshot below.

Now look for the ‘Power’ option from the left side options in the Hardware section. Click on it to open the Power report.

In the Power report, you will see different things about battery including Charge Remaining, Full Charge Capacity, and Cycle Count. If cycle count is more than 1000, your battery is on the risk of failure.

There’s is also a good free app that similar information. It shows original capacity, current capacity, cycle count and Battery Failure if there.

If you own an Old MAcbook that doesn’t give expected battery life, you need to check its battery health before you decide to replace the battery.


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